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We Proudly Present Welding Graduate Allie Bombard

From building automobiles to maintaining infrastructure, welders play a pivotal role in our society. When choosing a new career, Allie Bombard wanted a profession that would leave a positive impact on her community. That's why she enrolled in Rockford Career College's welding program. We are extremely proud of her for earning a 4.0 GPA and graduating on the President's List. Now, we are happy to see her enjoying the career of her dreams.

We Proudly Present Medical Assistant Graduate Barbara Perez

“Live life to the fullest.” This principle encouraged Barbara Perez to pursue a new career and enroll in Rockford Career College's medical assistant program. Completing courses, hands-on training, and a 170-hour externship with 160 hours in a clinical setting, Barbara successfully graduated and began the career of her dreams. We are extremely proud of her for achieving her career goals.

We Proudly Present Business Administration Graduate Lorena Virgilio

Lorena Virgilio knew that if she wanted to reach her professional goals, she could not let negativity drag her down. She firmly believed in these words from Sir Roger Bannister, the first athlete to run a mile in under four minutes: “Just because they say it's impossible doesn't mean you can't do it.”1 We are extremely proud of the effort Lorena put in to earn her Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Administration, and we believe in your potential as well.

We Proudly Present Diagnostic Medical Sonography Graduate Cherish Coates

Cherish Coates wanted a career that served others and not just herself. She firmly believed in these words from Dr. Tony Evans: “When you realize God's purpose for your life isn't just about you, He will use you in a mighty way.” For Cherish, becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer was the perfect way to help her community. By staying focused on this goal and working hard, Cherish graduated on the Dean's List with her associate degree.

We Proudly Present Medical Assistant Graduate Ariel Hay

Starting a career in healthcare meant finishing a degree program, completing an externship, and preparing for the unique challenges medical assistants face every day. However, none of this deterred Ariel Hay. She dived head-first into Rockford Career College's medical assistant program and came out triumphant. “Don't let obstacles make you lose faith in the process,” says Ariel. “Believing in yourself is the key to succeed.”

Meet Our Instructor - Steve Schutz

You want to help children excel in school, and we understand the significance of their first few years of education. That's why we've welcomed compassionate, experienced instructors like Steve Schutz into our family. Since 2002, Steve has been teaching students eligible for special education services. In 2007, he became an adjunct instructor. Currently, he teaches online programs for an early childhood center. 

We Proudly Present Dental Assisting Graduate Branesha Cross

Branesha Cross graduated from our dental assisting program by focusing on the goals she had achieved and not dwelling on her mistakes. Branesha knows how easy it is to remember your shortcomings instead of your successes. However, she decided to remain positive and determined when it came to pursuing a new career. By studying hard, developing her practical skills, and completing an externship, Branesha overcame her doubts and graduated from RCC.