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Skilled Trades

Rockford Career College Offers Over 20 Diploma & Degree Programs.

Rockford Career College has helped northern Illinois students achieve their goals for over 155 years. In that time, we have become ingrained in our community and have forged strong business relationships throughout the area. Rockford Career College programming is built based on the direct recommendations of area employers and leaders in our community. We do this to ensure:
  • All programs provide students with the best opportunity to succeed post-graduation.
  • All programs are based on an immediate or perceived need of area employers.
  • All programs are aligned with the input of our community and what they tell us is needed.
  • All programs focus on the end goal – employment. Our focus is on the tools needed to work in a particular field and that is our only focus.

Based on the feedback from area employers and our community, we offer over 20 unique programs including job-focused courses in areas such as Animal Sciences, Business, Legal, Medical and the Skilled Trades.

Ready To Work? Learn How Rockford Career College Can Help.

Choosing the right college and career is an important decision. That’s why, Rockford Career College goes out of our way to stand out and make your choice easy. We have a track record of success that goes back more than 155 years and have shown time, and again, our ability to get students precisely where they want to go.

While there is a lot that goes into helping students achieve their dreams, some of the primary ways we help our students is through our approach to programming. At Rockford Career College, you’ll get:
  • Career focused programming specifically designed with employment in mind.
  • Classes lead by instructors who have worked in the field.
  • Affordable, flexible and fast education. We strive to remove the barriers to learning through online-only programs, hybrid programs and on-campus programs.
  • Dedicated placement staff and career services advisory.
  • Multiple levels of educational programming to continue advancing your career.

Get started on a new career or advance your career today. We can help. Contact us today at 888-680-6682.