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Financial Aid

At Rockford Career College, we’re committed to helping students understand all of their options for obtaining funds in order to finance their education. The primary purpose of financial aid at Rockford Career College is to provide financial assistance, within its available resources, to those students who, without such assistance, would not be able to attend.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Types Of Financial Aid

Generally speaking, financial aid falls into two categories: grants and loans. Grants do not need to be repaid; loans do. Here are the most popular programs:

  • Grants: This type of aid does not need to be repaid and is typically based on financial need. Such grants include the Federal Pell Grant.
  • Loans: Low interest loans provided by the federal government are available to those who qualify. Loans include the Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan and the Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, both of which must be repaid.

See the Financial Aid Office for details on these and other programs that can help you pay for college.

State Career Training Funds

Rockford Career College is approved for participation in various funding programs for those who have been laid off or are economically disadvantaged. For more information, contact Rockford Career College’s liaison at the Illinois Employment Training Center –  816.395.6600.

Employer Reimbursement

Some employers have programs that reimburse students for educational costs. Students should contact the human resources office at their place of employment to determine if such funding is available.

Veterans Benefits

Rockford Career College is approved for veteran training, and an application for such benefits is available from the college’s Financial Aid Office or the local office of the Veterans Administration.

How To Apply For Financial Aid

  • Secure your U.S. Dept. of Education PIN today at Create FSA ID
  • Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can do so online at or in person at our Financial Aid Office. Rockford Career College’s FAFSA code is 008545.
  • Deadlines to apply are May 1 for fall, winter, and spring quarters; April 15 for the summer quarter.

Other Resources – For more information on grants, loans and scholarships – Your opportunity to learn more about educational assistance – Illinois Student Assistance Commission

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