RCC Offers Over 20 Diploma & Degree Programs.

Since 1862, Rockford Career College has been dedicated to helping students in northern Illinois achieve their goals. Throughout our long-standing history, we have deeply embedded ourselves within the community and fostered strong partnerships with local businesses. At Rockford Career College, we prioritize the success of our students by designing our programs based on direct recommendations from area employers and community leaders. This approach ensures that:

  • All of our programs provide students with the best opportunities for success after graduation.
  • All programs are tailored to address the immediate or anticipated needs of area employers.
  • All programs are aligned with the input and demands of our community, reflecting what they consider essential.
  • All programs have a strong focus on career development, emphasizing the acquisition of skills necessary for thriving in students' chosen fields.

Taking into account the valuable feedback received from area employers and our community, we proudly offer over 20 distinctive programs. These include a diverse range of career-focused courses in fields such as Animal Sciences, Business, Cannabis, Legal Studies, Medical Sciences, and the Skilled Trades.

Ready To Start a New Career? Learn How Rockford Can Help.

Choosing the right college and career path is a significant decision, and at Rockford Career College, we understand the importance of making this choice easier for you. With a remarkable legacy spanning over 160 years, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to guide students towards their desired destinations.

At Rockford Career College, we believe that a well-crafted curriculum plays a pivotal role in helping students achieve their dreams. That's why we offer the following key elements as part of our educational approach:

  • Career-focused curriculum: Our curriculum is specifically designed to align with employment opportunities, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your chosen profession.
  • Experienced instructors: Your classes will be led by instructors who have firsthand experience working in the field, providing you with valuable insights and practical knowledge.
  • Affordable, flexible, and efficient education: We are committed to removing barriers to learning, offering a range of options including online-only programs, hybrid programs, and on-campus programs. This flexibility ensures that education remains accessible and convenient for our students.
  • Dedicated placement staff and career services: Our institution boasts a dedicated team of professionals who are focused on supporting your career goals. From personalized guidance to valuable job placement resources, we are here to assist you in every step of your professional journey.
  • Multiple educational opportunities: We offer various levels of educational programs, allowing you to continually advance your career and expand your skill set as you progress.

Take the first step towards a new career or advance your existing one with Rockford Career College. We are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today at 888-680-6682 to embark on your journey towards a brighter future.

School of Animal Sciences

School of Business

School of Cannabis

School of Health Sciences

School of Paralegal Studies

School of Skilled Trades

Our Programs

Join a thriving industry with our Animal Science programs designed to kickstart your career. Multiple career paths are available!
Endless opportunity and options! Gain critical knowledge of marketing, sales, accounting, project management, communication, and more.
Our fully online, eight-month Cannabis Dispensary Administration program teaches skills to pursue careers in the booming cannabis industry.
Discover your passion and become a healthcare hero with Rockford Career College's diverse range of healthcare programs. Unleash your potential and explore a rewarding future with us.
Launch your Paralegal career with Rockford Career College's diploma program. Advance swiftly with our Associate Degree, completing your education in just 17 months.
RCC offers skilled trades programs in electrician, HVAC technician, and welding. With experienced instructors, cutting-edge facilities, and industry connections, we prepare you for a successful career.