Paralegal Studies Associate Degree Program

Associate Degree - 100% Online

Paralegal Studies

The Paralegal Studies Associate’s degree (A.A.S.) provides students with an opportunity to continue their paralegal studies beyond the diploma level. Students entering this program will have successfully completed a diploma in a Paralegal Studies program or its equivalent.

Additionally, students will complete core law courses in Human Resources Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property and Criminal Law. This combination of general and core subjects provides students with a broad scope of learning and helps prepare students well for success in the Paralegal / legal secretary profession.

  • Understand the implications and practices of Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Human Resource Law and Intellectual Property.
  • Understand the implications and practices of Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Human Resource Law and Intellectual Property.
  • Apply information literacy, research and critical thinking skills to areas of paralegal practice.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Paralegals is projected to grow 14% in the State of Illinois from 2021 to 2031.1

Course Details

  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Program Length: 7 months
  • Credits: 109

Career Options

  • Defense Law Firms
  • Corporate Law Firms
  • International Law Firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Banks & Financial Institutions


Our Paralegal Studies Associate Degree is designed for people who already have 60 credit hours in an paralegal studies-related concentration.


What You Will Learn

  • The professional and ethical responsibilities associated with a paralegal career.
  • Specialty course work in legal terminology, research and writing.
  • In depth study of various facets of law, tailored to a higher educational audience.
  • Advanced educational focus in communications, written communications and social sciences.
  • General education in math, history and government.



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"Hard work pays off. It is worth the struggle! Stay strong, no matter how tough things may seem—there will always be a brighter day!"

Laura Watts

2022 Graduate, Paralegal