Where Are They Now – Adrein Turner Electrical Technician

Where Are They Now – Adrein Turner Electrical Technician
DATE On February 01, 2023

Adrein Turner says continuing his education was not easy, but it was worth the determination it took to succeed. A 2017 graduate of Rockford Career College, Adrein came to Rockford looking to begin his journey to becoming an Electrical Technician.

“There were times when life threw roadblocks in my way,” says Adrein. “Transportation issues and other setbacks can really make committing to your education difficult.”

But Adrein credits his instructors and Rockford’s team of student services staff for keeping him moving forward.

“Throughout the program, I was consistently reminded about my end goal. Seeing and knowing the opportunities that would become available to me in the work force once I graduated helped me stay focused.”

Where is he now?

Adrein is working as an Electrical Technician for Americold Logistics, one of the world’s leaders in temperature-controlled warehouses.
“The Electrical Technician program at Rockford gave me greater knowledge and the skillset needed for my field of work,” says Adrein. “The hands-on learning environment increased my confidence, so I was prepared to take on new and greater challenges in the Automation Industry. I am now a critical part in the start-up of new facilities.”

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