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Destiny's Journey To A New Career

I'm Destiny, and my New Year's resolution was to get out of my dead-end job. I wasn't sure how to start. I tried searching for jobs online, but who would hire me when I've only worked fast food and wasn't even a manager? I couldn't decide what field interested me anyway.
“Jada?” I called up my best friend. “What are you doing lately?”


Who's going to repair your home's heating system when winter storms hit? Who can you rely on to maintain your business refrigeration and temperature control systems during peak hours?
No one, unless more positions in this field are filled.
Businesses and homes are growing steadily, but the number of available HVAC/R technicians dwindles. This is great news for you! With your diploma from Rockford Career College, you could be prepared to enjoy:

National Receptionist Day

If you call and hear “It’s a fabulous day at Rockford Career College,” then you are talking to Jackie! We are lucky to have such a positive, encouraging person as the first contact for visitors. We are proud that your first impression of us is her smiling face and cheerful attitude. Most importantly, she is extremely knowledgeable about RCC and willing to help everyone.