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What is your word for 2020?

What is your word for 2020? Mine is “Begin.”
According to Merriam-Webster, it means, “To do the first part of an action: go into the first part of a process.”1

We all have those actions that we know we need to take in order to grow and develop. Sometimes, starting them is the hardest part.

You know you want to attend college, but how do you choose a school?

You know you want to attend college, but how do you choose a school? Numerous factors such as class size, course offerings, location, tuition, and staff qualifications often make the decision difficult.

Pursue your degree with confidence at a school that has been building great futures for over 150 years. We may have even taught your family members, friends, or neighbors.

Graduate Highlight - Thomas Cavanaugh - Welding

“If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready.” – Will Smith 1

The chance to launch your dream career could materialize at any moment. Are you prepared to accept it? Recognizing and investing in opportunities is a mindset that requires cultivation. Studying diligently, practicing what you have learned, making connections, and searching for open positions are  all crucial aspects of beginning a new career path. Thomas Cavanaugh is one Rockford Career College alumnus who made sure he was always primed for the right moment.

How to find the motivation to achieve your goals.

Can't find the motivation to achieve your goal? Students sometimes say they just don't have the energy to attend school. However, you could boost your energy by increasing your dopamine and serotonin levels.

First, what are serotonin and dopamine? Primarily found in the brain, these chemicals regulate your appetite, mood, and memory, among other important functions. An imbalance of either one of these chemicals “can contribute to addictions, mood conditions, memory issues, and attention difficulties.”1

Happy National Paralegal Day

Here are our top ten reasons to become a paralegal.  Are you currently a paralegal?  Please add to our list.

Ever wonder what a day in a law firm is like?

With so much research to conduct and paperwork to complete, lawyers have dire need for paralegals. If you want to enter the legal profession but not attend law school, our paralegal studies diploma program may be the perfect starting point. The following are ten reasons to earn your paralegal diploma:

Can’t pick a movie after browsing Netflix for 30 minutes

If you browse Netflix for 30 minutes and can’t pick a movie, imagine trying to choose your future career. Our staff could help you stop browsing.

Pete Davis in his 2018 Harvard Commencement speech said “It's late at night, and you start browsing Netflix, looking for something to watch. You scroll through different titles, even read a few reviews, but you just can't commit to watching any given movie. Suddenly, it's been thirty minutes, and you're still stuck in infinite browsing mode, so you just give up.”1

National Financial Aid Day - October 16

National Financial Aid Day, October 16, 2019 recognizes the contribution of all financial aid staff who help students realize their college dreams. 

FAFSA forms are not easy to comprehend, which is why our school has financial aid staff dedicated to assisting students complete these and other financial forms.  Do you need assistance seeing if you qualify for FAFSA, grants, scholarships, military options or other tuition assistance? Contact our admissions department, who will arrange an appointment for you to personally meet with a member of our financial aid team.


I didn’t understand why I wasn’t accomplishing my major goals. I thought I was doing it right, according to the supposed “goal rules.” I was setting tangible goals, writing them down, going over my list in the morning, etc.

Why wasn’t I able to find time to go to school? I quit after a week. I wanted to start a new career – I really did. Then a friend told me to keep a list for a week of what I was actually doing. Bingo. Here is what I found out: