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A Day in the Life: Welder

When you look at a skyscraper, chances are you're wondering how many stories it is or which of its offices you need to reach. As a welder, I see a system of pipes and metal carefully held together by a team's hard work. My name's Tanner, and I'd like to show you why welding is such an important career.

Leave 2020 behind

New You! New Year! New Career! Leave 2020 behind. Let’s talk about 2021!

We built our programs with the goal of getting you ready for the workplace with career-focused curriculum that skips the extra “fluff” you don’t need, and focuses on the skills and knowledge you do need.

Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Graduation 2020: Due to COVID mitigations in Winnebago County and throughout our region, we feel the safest way to celebrate our Spring and Fall 2020 Rockford Career Graduates is to create a graduation video.  We contracted with a production company that will shoot a virtual graduation ceremony.  We are aiming for the video to be released on social media Thanksgiving weekend, or sometime soon thereafter, for you to enjoy with your family and friends.   We will keep you posted on the production release date.

National Online Recovery Day

September 22nd is National Online Recovery Day! Created by Lionrock Recovery, a US-based telehealth provider, this campaign was designed “to raise awareness for online treatment of substance abuse.”1 According to the organization, more than 25 million people are recovering from substance use disorders while an additional 20 million still struggle with them.1 However, online treatment for these individuals is on the rise.