A Day in the Life: Surgical Technology

A Day in the Life: Surgical Technology
DATE On September 30, 2020

Staying calm is crucial for a surgeon. However, it's not easy for one person to keep track of multiple patients, sterilize the operating room, and perform surgeries safely and precisely. As a certified surgical technologist, I help the surgeon ensure that the procedures go smoothly. My name's Precious, and I'm here to share a little about my career with you.

What's an Average Day Like for a Surgical Technologist?

Before every surgery, it's my responsibility to prepare the operating room. I make sure everything is properly sterilized, including the equipment and surgical instruments. After preparations are complete, I remain in the room for the procedure. I assist the surgeon by handing him supplies, administering medications, retracting tissues, and applying bandages. When the surgery is complete, I move the patient out of the operating room and dispose of single-use equipment. Each patient's needs vary, so I'm always ready to adjust my work accordingly.

What are Employers Looking for in Surgical Technologists?

Being fast-paced without sacrificing quality of care is highly desirable for this profession. Flexibility is also important due to the wide variety of tasks you could be asked to perform. Excellent communication skills are essential to safely complete, prepare for, and clean up after surgeries. Finally, having a surgical technology degree shows you understand the fundamentals of the position.    

Why Choose Rockford Career College?

At Rockford Career College, you could earn your associate degree in as little as 18 months. This is a flexible program that allows some courses to be completed online and provides hands-on experience. Externships give students time to practice what they've learned in a clinical setting before they graduate. Students also have the opportunity to prepare for the Certified Surgical Technologist examination offered by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. 

Courses such as Medical Terminology and Systems, Surgical Technology Fundamentals, and Advanced Operating Room Skills help students prepare for their future careers. However, Rockford Career College assists students in many other ways. Career Services offers resume writing assistance, mock interviews, and help connecting with local employers. Students also have access to tutoring, computer lab usage, and instructor help outside of class. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Rockford Career College's priority is helping you reach your career goal. Call 888.680.6682 or submit the Request Information form online to learn more. Join me in making surgeries safer for our patients!


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