Where Are They Now - April Rocha, Cannabis Dispensary Administration

Where Are They Now - April Rocha, Cannabis Dispensary Administration
DATE On March 08, 2023

At Rockford Career College, online programs offer a flexibility many students are drawn too.  April Rocha was one of those students who knew the online Cannabis Dispensary Administration program would be challenging, but best fit for her busy schedule.

“The biggest hurdle was juggling 2 jobs and online school at the same time.” says April. “Online was a great option for me so I could continue to maintain my household and care for my family.”

April lives in New Mexico, and when her home state legalized recreational cannabis and medical marijuana in 2021, it was a field she wanted to explore as a career.  Despite living 1,200 miles from Rockford, Illinois, she knew the online program would provide her with the diploma she desired to begin her career in this emerging industry.

“The program taught me so much about this industry.” says April. “Through my education with Rockford Career College I learned more about the cannabis industry and how medical marijuana helps patients.”

During the Cannabis Dispensary Administration program students learn essential skills needed in the dispensary environment, such as important local, state and federal laws that regulate cannabis distribution; how to better understand patient and customer needs and concerns as they relate to finding the best suited product; business and inventory management and understanding studies that focus on the use of CBD to help improve ailments like pain and anxiety.

Where is she now?

After completing the Cannabis Dispensary Administration program, April graduated with her diploma in August 2022.

She currently works for Enchanted Growth Company in Hobbs, New Mexico.  She is a teammate in their Customer Engagement department.

“I love helping people.” says April. “Being able to help educate patients about cannabis is so rewarding.  It’s wonderful hearing them come back and tell me how it’s going and, in many cases, how what was recommended worked.”

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