Where Are They Now: Renee Hahn and Christian Carlson

Where Are They Now: Renee Hahn and Christian Carlson
DATE On February 14, 2023

The summer of 2018 was the “Summer of Love” for Rockford Career College graduates Renee Hahn and Christian Carlson. The two met while working at a local home improvement store, and though they were happy to have found each other, they were both still searching for something more in terms of careers.

According to Renee, Christian was looking at returning to school before she started her search. “He was looking at the Electrical program because his dad owns his own electrical company. He’s the one that told me about Rockford Career College.”

Christian helped push Renee to look into schooling at the same time. “I wanted to be in a field that would stick around and knew I always liked teeth and anatomy.” To her, there was no better fit than the Dental Assistant program at Rockford Career College.

Renee says they “pretty much did the whole process together.” She overheard the conversation Christian had with his admissions advisor and how easy it was to get information and get started. She then called on her own a week later. Both started in their respective programs in August 2021, and both graduated at the same time, in June 2022.

Where are they now?

Renee has been working as a dental assistant at Dr. Zak’s office and Christian is working as an electrical technician for Quad Electric. The two are still happily in love with their chosen field, and with each other – they were engaged to be married in October 2022. Because of their success, the two are saving and hoping to purchase a home this year, to be filled with items off their registry before they are wed in January 2024.

Renee’s advice to those still seeking – “I never thought I would know what I wanted to do with my life. I left high school confused. I was greeted at RCC with so much respect! My favorite quote is, ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ I love what I do!”

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