Where They Are Now – Jamie Moran Veterinary Technician
Where Are They Now – Jamie Moran Veterinary Technician

Jamie Moran, Veterinary Technician graduate, admits enrolling in Rockford Career College was a big decision for her. “Going back to school in general was intimidating,” says Jamie. “I am not a school person, but I knew becoming a Veterinary Technician was what I wanted to do. Helping animals is a passion of mine.”

Despite the fear of classroom work and studies, Jamie enrolled in Rockford’s Veterinary Technician program, and thrived. She graduated from the program in May 2020, with not only her degree, but accolades to go with it.

Where They Are Now: Renee Hahn and Christian Carlson
Where Are They Now: Renee Hahn and Christian Carlson

The summer of 2018 was the “Summer of Love” for Rockford Career College graduates Renee Hahn and Christian Carlson. The two met while working at a local home improvement store, and though they were happy to have found each other, they were both still searching for something more in terms of careers.

According to Renee, Christian was looking at returning to school before she started her search. “He was looking at the Electrical program because his dad owns his own electrical company. He’s the one that told me about Rockford Career College.”

Staff Spotlight – Ryan Johnson, Welding Instructor
Staff Spotlight - Ryan Johnson, Welding Instructor

If you stop by the Welding Department at Rockford Career College, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and an enthusiastic “come on in!” from Ryan Johnson.  Ryan, a 2019 graduate of Rockford Career College, now teaches Welding in the very same department he learned his skills.

“Teaching welding allows me to help individuals achieve their goals, in much the same way I have been able to because of this program,” says Ryan. “As a graduate of Rockford, I have a unique perspective into life during and after our students are with us.”

Where They Are Now – Adrein Turner Electrical Technician
Where Are They Now – Adrein Turner Electrical Technician

Adrein Turner says continuing his education was not easy, but it was worth the determination it took to succeed. A 2017 graduate of Rockford Career College, Adrein came to Rockford looking to begin his journey to becoming an Electrical Technician.

“There were times when life threw roadblocks in my way,” says Adrein. “Transportation issues and other setbacks can really make committing to your education difficult.”

But Adrein credits his instructors and Rockford’s team of student services staff for keeping him moving forward.

Happy New Year 2023
Happy New Year 2023!

The Campus will be closed, Saturday, December 31st thru Monday, January 2nd so our staff can enjoy the holiday.  The campus will reopen Tuesday, January 3rd. If you would like to contact us, please follow the link and an admission advisor will contact you when we return.

Classes begin January 23,
Classes begin January 23, so start the enrollment process today.

Do you have a New Year's resolution yet? With 2023 right around the corner, now is a great time to consider what improvements could be made to your professional life.  Many of us say we want to make better financial decisions, but with our busy day-to-day lives, this goal often becomes difficult to reach. Why not try making a decision about your career instead? Unlike other New Year's resolutions, completing a new career program has concrete steps to follow and could allow you to complete other goals successfully in the future. Here are just a few benefits of beginning or furthering your career now: