Why the Welding Training Program at RCC? Instructors Like Dave Rodden!

Why the Welding Training Program at RCC? Instructors Like Dave Rodden!
DATE On July 16, 2019

Why choose Rockford Career College for your welding training? Our welding instructors, such as Mr. Dave Rodden, make the difference through their extensive experience and knowledge. They all have a  genuine desire to see students like you succeed.
Mr. Rodden's passion for welding was cultivated early in an auto body repair class. He began his career immediately after high school, faithfully continuing his training and education along the way. Soon, he became an AWS certified welder, a distinction which he has held for over twenty years. Prior to joining RCC, Mr. Rodden was a foreman/project manager for a fabrication company. He gained much experience by working with several major corporations in the area.
When RCC introduced its welding program, Mr. Rodden played a crucial role. He was not only the first night welding instructor but also an instrumental part in the development of many practical lab procedures. Mr. Rodden now teaches all of the classes offered in our program, focusing on SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and pipe welding. Today, he is the right-hand man to Mr. Matt Marsili, our welding program's lead instructor.
Mr. Rodden cares deeply about his students and wants everyone to feel welcome in his classroom. Compassionate and understanding, he goes the extra mile to make sure students receive the individualized attention they need. Many students have praised Mr. Rodden for his guidance and expertise. He is able to make an impact because he views welding not as a job, but a lifelong passion.
Mr. Rodden is always excited to speak with potential students! If you would like to schedule a meeting, please submit our request information form on this page. An admissions representative would be happy to assist you.

Remember, you might click out of this window. You might go about your day and forget that you read this. You may push off submitting the request information form until later; but, in five years, will you regret not taking action today?