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National Financial Aid Day

National Financial Aid Day, October 19, 2020 recognizes the contribution of all financial aid staff who help students realize their college dreams.

FAFSA forms are not easy to comprehend, which is why our school has financial aid staff dedicated to assisting students complete these and other financial forms.  Do you need assistance seeing if you qualify for FAFSA, grants, scholarships, military options or other tuition assistance? Contact our admissions department, who will arrange an appointment for you to personally meet with a member of our financial aid team.

Online Programs

Rockford Career College offers many different programs. Potential students are able to come in and take a tour of the campus to see what hands-on classes we have. However, not everyone has the freedom or ability to balance a schedule between work and school. Having an education is extremely important but so is having money to put food on the table, so striking that balance is difficult. Often times, going to college is more of an afterthought for people than a concrete plan because they just do not have the time or ability to take off work. But what if I told you that you could do BOTH?