Overcome Your Indecision

Overcome Your Indecision
DATE On July 13, 2021

You know you want a new career, but which one do you choose? Having so many options—such as veterinary technician, addiction counseling technician, early childhood educator, and HVAC/R technician—could make you feel so overwhelmed that you keep pushing off the decision and end up not making a choice at all. If indecision has prevented you from switching careers, you're not alone. We hear this from students all the time. Here are our tips for overcoming this hesitation:

  1. Discuss Your Options with Someone Else—Having somebody you trust listen and offer suggestions often provides clarity. Maybe you want to be in the medical field but can't pick a specific role. Our admission representatives are trained to ask you questions to help you self-reflect and narrow down your options. Do you want to work weekends? Is salary or quality of life more important to you? They will help guide you to the career most fulfilling for you.
  2. Consider that You Might Regret Not Taking Action—When we look back on our lives, we typically regret what we did not do rather than what we did. Even if you make a mistake, you can usually go back and fix the issue. What you are more likely to regret is not taking a chance and believing in yourself to accomplish a career goal.
  3. Remember that Choosing a New Career Path is a Reversible Decision—“What if I make the wrong choice?” At the end of the day, we make the best decision possible given the information we have at the time. Even after plenty of consideration, you may make the wrong decision because of factors you were not aware of or were out of your control. However, this does not mean you should not make a decision at all. Let's say you start a paralegal program but later want to switch to a business administration program. No problem! At Rockford Career College, every program begins with the 5-week course called Strategies for Success to help you evaluate your success timeline. If after five weeks you realize you want to change majors, the credits from that course and possibly others transfer with you to your next career decision.

Take a chance on yourself and enroll today. Call 888.680.6682 or complete our Request Information form online to get started. We will walk you through every step from choosing the right program for you to exploring your financial aid options to networking with local employers. Let us help you overcome your indecision and finally start living the life you truly want.

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