New Initiatives at RCC

New Initiatives at RCC
DATE On May 19, 2022

Our new president, Jason Smolka, is wasting no time focusing on new initiatives at Rockford Career College to improve every student’s experience.  Jason’s mission is to have instructors and staff members work together to focus on student success, retention and job placement.

This week’s team-building event had our Academic Dean, Marc Sherrod, lead inter-departmental groups in teams of five. In just 30 minutes to create, from a limited amount of straws and tape, some type of carriage that would allow a raw egg to survive being dropped 20 feet.  Not one egg broke, which is rare in this exercise! 

How will this exercise improve the student experience?  We treat our students with the same care and support as these eggs.  When a student is struggling, instructors will come together as a team to come up with a plan for student success and ensure the student makes it to the end with the support they need.

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