A future Medical Assistant’s story

A future Medical Assistant’s story A future Medical Assistant’s story
DATE On July 05, 2015

I am often inspired by the story of how a student came to be in my classroom. Jacqueline, a new medical assistant student at Rockford Career College is one of many students I have had over the years who remind me why I love what I do. As a child Jacqueline dreamed of becoming a pediatrician, and after obtaining her bachelor’s degree and prerequisites, she was well on her way to achieving that dream. When her twin sister was injured in an accident and became paralyzed, Jacqueline faced a difficult decision — to pursue her own dreams, or become the primary caretaker for her twin. She followed her heart, became a full time caretaker for her sister, and pushed her aspirations of medical school aside.


Several years later her sister passed away, leaving Jacqueline in a position to pursue her own goals again. She tried to pick up where she had left off with medical school but was told that she had been away for too long, that her credits were no longer viable, and she would, basically, have to start over at the beginning. Disheartened and incredibly frustrated, Jacqueline decided, again, to put her dream of being a healthcare professional aside.


Jacqueline recently moved from Chicago, Illinois to the Twin Cities and married her husband Telly. With the loving support of her husband, Jacqueline has decided that now is the time to achieve those lifetime goals, even if perhaps on a smaller scale. At least for now. She chose Rockford Career College over the two other schools she toured because, “it just felt more personal here.” Jacqueline plans to complete her diploma in medical assisting before the end of 2016. Jacqueline states, “I have always wanted to be in healthcare.” She says, “I am the kind of nerd who studies medical terms and reads medical books for fun.” Jacqueline is a great student, and is already excelling in her medical assisting course. It is so gratifying for me, as her instructor, to work with someone who is so passionate about what she is working towards. Jacqueline has a great heart and a real sense of purpose. She is going to be an awesome medical assistant!

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Author: Tracey Stoeckel

Tracey Stoeckel is a certified medical assistant and Lead Instructor for the Medical Assistant and Medical Office Coding and Billing Programs Rockford Career College in Edina,Minnesota. She has five years of experience working in family practice, pediatrics, and mental health. Tracey resides in the Twins Cities area with her two teen-aged children, two dogs, a tortoise, and a rabbit. View all posts by Tracey Stoeckel

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