Study for a New Career You Could Love

Study for a New Career You Could Love
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DATE On July 01, 2019
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How many hours have you been at work, wishing you were somewhere else? Think of how much time you have spent staring at the clock, listening to managers who do not care about your progress, living the same routine that you have never actually enjoyed. That's all time you could have used to train for a career you could love. Fortunately, every day is a chance to start on a new path. All of us here at Rockford Career College are here to help you live out your full potential and find the career you have been seeking.

Don't Settle for a Job You Hate

There's not enough time in life to settle for a job you hate. Our programs are fast-paced to help you get started doing what you love. We offer plenty of diploma programs that could be completed in less than one year including welding, electrical technician, CNC, HVAC, medical assistant, business administration, human resource administration, medical office billing and coding, paralegal, and more. If you wish to spend a little more time to earn an associate degree, we have you covered with options such as the veterinary technician, diagnostic medical sonography, and healthcare administration programs. Some programs are held online for your convenience and many include hands-on experience via externships. Best of all, our Career Services department helps place students with the right positions for them, often before they even graduate!

Don't let any more hours slip away. Submit our Request Information form today to learn more. You do have the ability to trade your job in for a more fulfilling, rewarding career. Isn't it time you finally did so?