Should You Become A Dental Assistant?

Should You Become A Dental Assistant?
DATE On January 04, 2024

Are you seeking a fulfilling career path that doesn't necessitate a lengthy bachelor's degree program? Do you possess a compassionate and caring nature? If so, dental assisting might be the perfect opportunity for you! This exciting field offers a promising future, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projecting an impressive 7% growth in employment between 2022 and 2032 - much faster than the average for all occupations. This translates to an estimated 38,200 new job openings for dental assistants over this decade. 


A Rising Demand for Qualified Professionals

Across the country, dental practices are grappling with a significant shortage of skilled dental assistants. This dearth of qualified candidates has led to staffing challenges in numerous states. According to a recent survey, some practices have faced difficulties finding new assistants, with the average wait time extending to two to six months or even longer. This critical shortage presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals like you to enter a field with high demand and diverse opportunities.


Empowering Your Success with a Comprehensive Program

Rockford Career College equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this rewarding career through its comprehensive dental assisting diploma program. This program delves into the essential aspects of dental assisting, including:

  • Clinical procedures and techniques
  • Patient care and communication
  • Infection control and safety protocols
  • Dental office administration

Through our hands-on training externships, you'll gain valuable practical experience in real-world settings, giving you a significant advantage in the job market. These externships also provide an excellent platform to connect with potential employers and explore potential career paths within the dental industry.


Maximize Your Potential with Competitive Opportunities

The current shortage of qualified dental assistants has empowered individuals like you to negotiate higher salaries and potentially receive reimbursement for your training. This thriving market recognizes the significant value that dental assistants bring to the table. At Rockford Career College, we are dedicated to helping you maximize the benefits of your new career path and make the most of this opportune moment.


Learn from the Best and Launch Your Career

Our dental assistant program is led by experienced instructors who share their real-world expertise and insights with you. Our dedicated career services team provides personalized assistance in finding the perfect job match, while our financial aid team explores options to make your training more affordable. With our efficient program structure, you can complete your diploma in as little as ten months, propelling you towards a fulfilling and rewarding career in the dental field. Let's unlock your potential together!