A Day in the Life: Electrical Technician

A Day in the Life: Electrical Technician
DATE On August 25, 2020

What does an electrical technician do, exactly?

Installing, repairing, calibrating, troubleshooting, and maintaining electrical systems are all part of my profession. My name's Emma, and as an electrical technician, I assist an electrician with their everyday tasks. In short, I help ensure everything is running smoothly for the client.

What is an electrical technician's typical day like?

Usually, I travel with the electrician to the worksite. It could be a home, office, or factory. Before every job, I make sure the area is safe and clear for us to work. I do whatever the electrician needs me to do, whether it's building a new part of the system or checking to see if a certain part is working. Critical thinking is a crucial aspect of my career as we are always trying to solve complex problems. Every electrical system is uniquely designed, which sometimes makes it difficult to narrow down which elements are faulty. However, I enjoy overcoming challenges and making the client's day a little easier. An electrical technician can also choose an area of focus and become an electronic assembler, outside lineman, engineering technician, or one of many other positions.

Why choose Rockford Career College?

You could earn your electrical technician diploma in as little as 10 months! This program prepares you by covering topics such as electrical safety, conduit bending, AC/DC theory, motor controls and operations, transformers, and branch and feeder calculations. There's financial aid for those who qualify as well as free tutoring and career services resources. Small class sizes allow you to receive individualized attention. Best of all, RCC offers hands-on training to give you practice before you graduate.

To learn more about becoming an electrical technician, contact RCC today. Call 888.680.6682 or submit the Request Information form online. Becoming an electrical technician was the best decision of my life. I hope you choose to follow your career dream, too.

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