Medical Assistant / X-Ray Technician (Limited Scope) Associate Degree Program

Medical Assistant / X-Ray Technician (Limited Scope) Associate Degree Program

After meeting with area employers, we developed the Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assistant X-Ray Technician (Limited Scope) program to fulfill their job requests. Doctor’s offices and clinics that perform x-rays, need medical assistants with x-ray skills.  Increase your marketability by adding X-Ray Technician (Limited Scope) to your Medical Assistant duties while getting your Associate Degree.

This program is designed for people who already have 45 credit hours in a Medical Assistant concentration or a graduate of a Medical Assistant program with a cumulative grade point of 2.0 or better from the previous educational institution.

Enjoy Strong Career Opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics list medical assistants as one of the fastest-growing occupations at a job increase of twenty-nine percent over the next decade.1

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We take a  streamlined approach to education, with curricula focusing on developing a particular skillset and knowledge base for a career rather than receiving a general education.   We focus on training you in jobs that employers tell us are truly needed in your community.

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We know it's all about a job. Our career services team has done the networking for you with numerous local employers. Prior to graduation, we could help you find that perfect job.   Employers have consistently placed confidence in our graduates' abilities.

1, retrieved 3/1/2019

Program length - 7 months


The associate degree program includes training in office administration procedures, technology required in medical offices and x-ray imaging and techniques. 

Some of the courses included are:

Radiograph Imaging Protocols and Positioning
Radiographic Specialization and Positioning
Radiology and Imaging

Healthcare is experiencing exceptional growth and graduates of this program could be well prepared to take advantage of a variety of entry-level medical job opportunities, such as medical office administrative assistant or medical secretary.

Demand for medical ASSISTANTS is expected to grow by 29%  FROM 2016-2026.1

1U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, retrieved 2/24/19

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