Is Your Job Robot-Proof?

Is Your Job Robot-Proof?
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DATE On May 07, 2018
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Will you be replaced by a robot? Robots may soon be replacing taxi drivers, brick layers, cashiers and even movie stars*. So how do you find a robot-proof job? Rockford Career College focuses on hands-on trade program that prepare you for a career that is robot-proof. Here are just a few of our programs for careers that need a human's touch:
10 Month Programs:

  • CNC and Robotic Manufacturing Technology—After all, someone will need to fix the robots!
  • Medical Assistant—While computers can generate lists of possible ailments based on symptoms, medical assistants are much more likely to accurately identify problems when they meet with patients. Their calm demeanor also allows patients to feel more relaxed during office visits, and machines would give many patients additional anxiety. 
  • Massage Therapy—As with medical assisting, massage therapy requires interaction between what a patient feels and treatment.  
  • Electrical Technician—Would you feel comfortable allowing a robot to come into your home and start cutting wires? Technicians have to use discernment for each specific situation as well as have excellent interpersonal and communication skills with customers. 
  • Welding — welding jobs on tooling and dies, architectural welding, welding repairs and many types of fabrication will need to be performed by human welders.  

24 Month Programs:

  • Veterinary Technician—Can you imagine a robot trying to make a dog hold still to administer a vaccine?

Even if your field will not see automaton for a while, now is the time to retrain.   To learn more, submit our Request Information form or call 888.680.6682. You never know what the future might entail. Take advantage today and prepare for your future!
* (retrieved 5/6/2018)