Rockford Career College strives to match you with the right career for you

Rockford Career College strives to match you with the right career for you
DATE On January 29, 2020

All colleges provide you with an education, but how many of them actively strive to match you with the perfect career for you? Rockford Career College's Career Services team is dedicated to maximizing career development and opportunities for both students and graduates. No matter what stage you are at in your career journey, we are ready to assist you in identifying and winning a job in your desired field.

As early as first term, Rockford Career College students are encouraged to partner with Career Services. We endeavor to identify individual core transferable skills and develop your strengths so you could enter the workforce confidently. We also provide career assessments and counseling that lead individuals to effective career management. Our intent is to foster strong relationships with local employers to provide graduates with relevant job opportunities.

Our goal is to connect you to a job in your respective field before or soon after graduation. We strive to achieve this through a variety of free student offerings such as:

-Defining your objectives
-Crafting persuasive cover letters and resumes
-Holding mock interviews
-Teaching you how to leverage social media
-Developing portfolios
-Creating professional voicemails and business cards
-Networking with employers, recruiters, and temp agencies

There's no need to worry about the future. Let us find results for your job search as you continue to grow. Stop by today or call 888.680.6682 to see what the future has in store for you. It's time to apply your knowledge to the career you have always wanted.


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