Medical Laboratory Technicians are on the Front Line

Medical Laboratory Technicians are on the Front Line
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DATE On May 14, 2020
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Here is just one reason we are so proud of our medical lab technicians!  Medical Lab Technicians are on the front line analyzing COVID-19 specimens.  Enroll today!

How are COVID-19 specimens analyzed?   Typically, a specimen is collected with a nasal swab. Then the samples are transported to the medical lab technicians in the laboratory. At this time MLT’s can perform a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction). This is a process, by which the virus’s RNA, a molecule that regulates genes, is extracted by Medical Laboratory Technicians, mixed with reagents and placed into a special machine. This is the most common test for Covid-19 nasal swab samples. When the reagents interact with the specimen, technologists are able to determine whether the sample has viral RNA that could indicate the presence of the COVID‐19 virus.