Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Higher Education

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Higher Education
DATE On September 18, 2016

In September 1787, the United States Constitution was signed by our Founding Fathers. Every year, the National Constitution Center celebrates this day by hosting a celebration at the museum. Well, here at Rockford Career College, we also celebrated this remarkable day in history! Students and instructors alike joined in the Student Lounge for muffins and juice. They were welcomed with trivia questions in the form of a Hall Pass, which all related to the Constitution. Those with the correct answer were put in a raffle to win a prize.
Students were able to learn all about what the pioneers of this great nation did in order to form a more perfect union after they watched a nonpartisan educational video. As a bonus, some of the answers to the trivia questions were also revealed in this video, which increased their odds of being put into the raffle.
A little bit of history on the event – In the 1940s, Congress created “I Am An American Day” to be celebrated on the third Sunday of May. This progressed into “Citizenship Day,” as signed by President Truman in 1952. Many years later, “Constitution Day” was signed into effect in 2004 to recognize the origins of the United States.
At Rockford Career College, students were encouraged to think about their rights as citizens and as students. How does each branch keep the others in check and how does that really affect you? How does the Constitution affect your rights as a student here at the college? Constitution Day is a real eye-opener for all because it lets students reflect on how they were given the opportunity to go to school.

Nothing in this country has ever been obtained easily, and the availability of higher education to all citizens was not, either. In today’s society, men and women, regardless of age, nationality, or origin, are able to go to school. Rockford Career College works with everyone to make college more of an option than some may originally think it is. We, too, thank the Constitution for implanting upon us the freedom to offer excellent education to those searching, as we believe all are deserving.
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