Job Spotlight: Web Editorial Assistant | Web Editorial Assistant

Job Spotlight: Web Editorial Assistant Job Spotlight: Web Editorial Assistant | Web Editorial Assistant
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DATE On April 20, 2016
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Job Description: Web Editorial Assistant

A Web Editorial Assistant is an entry-level position that helps to collect, select and edit stories for websites. Often they start as a Proof Reader, someone who reads copy to detect errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax. They will have to verify facts, dates and statistics using standard reference sources available to them and/or their company. They will need to have knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. A Web Editorial Assistant will rely on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job and they typically report to a Manager of some sort. This Manager position would be a goal for someone trying to climb this particular career ladder.

U.S. National Average Salary: Web Editorial Assistant

There are a wide variety of factors that can enter into the average salary: location, current market trends, economy, competition, education, experience…these and other factors will all need to be taken into consideration. Health, vacation time and other benefits should also be considered when a position is offered. Here are annual U.S. National Average breakdowns for salary for this role if you are hired:

  • Average: $40,800*
  • Lowest 10%: $28,300*
  • Lowest 25%: $34,300*
  • Top 25%: $45,400*
  • Top 10%: $49,500*

Similar Job Titles

Sometimes different job titles can mean the same thing. Make sure you do your research of the particular company that you’re applying at to insure you match their wants and needs. Other titles may consist of:

  • Web Production Assistant
  • Web Copy Writer Assistant
  • Web Content Assistant

Education and Experience

Like other positions in the Web field, this job has a wide variety of duties- particularly at smaller companies. This is a field that is relatively new with 90% of those currently in this area being there less than 5 years and nearly 65% being in their current role for less than 1 year. This would be a great start for someone to get their foot in the door at a company and can expect rapid upward movement within a few years.

When you’re taking my classes in the Social Media Diploma program, you will learn what sort of skills that companies are looking for as well as learn how to create content that people will actually want to read. By graduation time, you will be job ready and potential employers will be impressed!

Years of Experience by those currently in the Field

  • 0 – 1: ~65%*
  • 2 – 5: ~35%*
  • 5 – 10: ~7%*
  • 10 – 15: ~3%*

Goal of this blog

There are many different jobs and positions available once a student graduates and enters the workforce. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had an idea of some of the available jobs, requirements and salary ranges before they decided what field to go in to? The goal of this blog is to put the spotlight on a different job with each time so prospective students can make intelligent and informed decisions on what career they are about to embark on.  These are not opinions- it is an aggregation of facts from various metric driven websites combined with personal insights presented in an easy to read format.*

Did you read my last blog that focused on the role of Marketing Specialist? Or check out my first blog about the role of a Social Media Analyst.

Thank you for the information, but why should I listen to you?

When I was a student I always felt that some of the institutions I attended cared more about signing me up than helping me land a job. The goal of this blog is to help give students, prospective students and even their parents some real information about the current job market and what to expect. All of the information here are from metric and data driven resources and not speculation or opinion. I believe that if students are informed and have realistic expectations that they have a better chance to succeed and to find real work.

As with any complicated topic, there can be 50 ways to do something differently than the way I suggest or discuss. Feel free to do research on your own and to come to conclusions your way- I always encourage critical thinking and questioning.

Read more about the online Social Media and Digital Marketing program.

If you would like to discuss learning more about the necessary education for this job with someone at the school, you can contact them by filling out our contact us form or call (815) 965-8616. 

*Information has been aggregated and averaged from the following sites on 04/18/2016:,19.htm


Author: John Maier
April 19, 2016

John Maier has been teaching for the last 16 years and has over 25 years experience in Video, Design, 3d Animation, Film, UI/UX and front-end development. He is the Head of Design for an international company that creates apps and websites for a variety of government roles in Europe and abroad and brings his experience and passion to the courses that he teaches. John lives with his wife, two sons, two cats and a dog in wonderful and frigid Minnesota.


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