If I won the lottery, I would...

If I won the lottery, I would...
DATE On February 25, 2019

“If I won the lottery, I would...”
“If I had an extra day in the week, I could use it for...”
We like to think about what we could achieve if we were lucky enough to have life change specifically to fit our needs. However, there's so much you could accomplish on your own. Instead of relying solely on luck or others, start taking steps now to work toward your goal.
Here at Rockford Career College, we could show you what to do to reach the career you have always wanted. You may never win a million dollars, but you could apply for financial aid or plan your finances to attend a career program and, later, earn more in your chosen profession. You cannot make more time out of thin air, but we do offer flexible programs that work around your schedule, and some are even completely online-based. Focus on the beginning steps that are in your control, such as simply discussing your interests and goals with our team.
Whether you want to be a medical assistant, veterinary technician, paralegal, or HVACR professional, we could help you learn the skills you need to become successful. Rockford Career College offers programs in a variety of fields to help you find a future that fits your passion. Financial aid available for those who qualify. 
Call 888.860.6682 or submit our Request Information form to learn more. Don't wait around for the perfect future to find you. Start making your own path today.