How to Find Love During the Holidays

How to Find Love During the Holidays
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DATE On December 17, 2018
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We may not be a matchmaking school, but we can connect you to the career of your dreams.
Would you enjoy creating car parts, jewelry, or furniture? Try our CNC program!
If you are more of an animal person, we have a vet tech program as well.
At Rockford Career College, we believe you should not settle for just any job. Every day is an opportunity to be living out your passion. Whether you are interested in a business, medical, legal, animal science, or skilled trades career, we can help you maximize your potential. Meet like-minded individuals as you learn from professionals and gain real-world experience at externship sites. And you never know, maybe you will find love.
Why wait until the new year to act on your resolution? This holiday season, give yourself a chance at a more enjoyable future. Call 888.680.6682 or submit our Request Information form to learn more. When you love your work, your whole life can be transformed.