Graduate Highlight - Destaney Edgeston

Graduate Highlight - Destaney Edgeston
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DATE On February 08, 2019
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Parenting is not always easy, especially when you are on your own. Being a single parent meant that Destaney Edgeston had to weigh her decisions carefully and make difficult choices when it came to her career and education. However, she was able to triumph in the end.
From an early age, Ms. Edgeston knew she wanted to work in the healthcare field. “All my life I watched my grandmother take care of others,” says Ms. Edgeston. “I would go to work with her sometimes, and I found myself attached to and moved by her patients. Also, my grandmother is an LPN. I would hear stories and I wanted to be just like them.”
However, being a single mother of three presented an obstacle to this dream. She decided to enroll in Rockford Career College's medical assistant program, but it was not without its challenges. “During my time at RCC, my food stamps were taken away,” Ms. Edgeston explains. “I had to go to the pantries and I received a job, but it interfered with my school hours. I had to make a choice between school or work, and I chose school. I had to create a system that allowed me to feed my children, keep gas, and buy scrubs. My household only had one income, but we made it work.”
She graduated from RCC in November of 2018 and is excited to finally help patients just as her family did. Ms. Edgeston encourages anyone interested in a new career to always remain positive when difficulties arise. “It gets greater later!” she says.
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