Graduate Highlight: Cassie Hilton, Massage Therapy Program

Graduate Highlight: Cassie Hilton, Massage Therapy Program
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DATE On September 06, 2018
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Congratulations to Cassie Hilton, student ambassador and recent massage therapy graduate, for passing her boards this week! She completed her externship at Massage Envy in Rockford and is excited to start her career there. We are proud of her and all our other Rockford Career College graduates who are starting a new chapter in their professional lives. More and more people are finding fulfillment in the vast field of massage therapy, and for good reason. This career field offers a variety of environments from which to choose.
Medical Positions
Providing massages to patients while working with other healthcare practitioners can aid and expedite the healing process.
Spa Positions
Candles, tranquil music, soothing aromas and a variety of massage services are all part of the spa environment. Spa clients come to relax, connect and revitalize. They return on a regular basis when they receive and appreciate the value of massage.
Fitness Center/Gym Positions
Understanding your clients' sports and activities is critical to their success. Most athletes will push themselves to the physical limit in order to achieve their goals. Massages can help your clients perform sports at a higher level. 
Start Your Own Business
You choose your prices, hours of operation, uniform, clients, and workplace. Enjoy the freedom of making all of your own business decisions.
Franchise Positions
Working for a franchise allows you to focus on massages rather than tasks that fall on the shoulders of a sole practitioner. There is no need to worry about paperwork, marketing, finding referrals, scheduling or getting clients in the door.
To learn more, call 888.680.6682 or submit our Request Information form. Our staff is ready to show you how to thrive in this field. Contact us today to begin the career you deserve!