Destiny's Journey To A New Career

Destiny's Journey To A New Career
USERPosted by Marie
DATE On January 08, 2019
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I'm Destiny, and my New Year's resolution was to get out of my dead-end job. I wasn't sure how to start. I tried searching for jobs online, but who would hire me when I've only worked fast food and wasn't even a manager? I couldn't decide what field interested me anyway.
“Jada?” I called up my best friend. “What are you doing lately?”
It turned out she was working toward a new career, too. “I'm starting the medical assistant program at Rockford Career College,” Jada said. “The financial aid team told me that financial aid is available for those who qualify. Would you want to join me?”
I considered it carefully. Why did I want a new career? I tapped my pen against the notepad a few times before making my list. I've always admired people in the medical field, I wrote. I want to tell my daughter about all the patients I've helped. I want to buy a home for the two of us. 
Taking medical assisting classes was possible if I had some help. “Could you clean Mom's house this week?” I asked my sister. I told my friend Erika, “I can babysit your daughter on the weekends if you can babysit mine Monday through Thursday.”
Finally, I visited Rockford Career College. The admissions representative Doreen asked me everything from “Why is this the right time in your life to start school?” to “Why are you interested in this career?” After our discussion, I knew this was right for me. I'll start on January 28th and graduate in November. Keep posted to see how my first month of school goes!
Whether you are interested in medical assisting or another program offered at Rockford Career College, please talk to us to find your career passion. Call 888.680.6682 or submit our Request Information form today.