Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician graduates may begin their careers in veterinary offices, clinics, hospitals, or in private or government-sponsored research facilities. Rockford Career College students in this program are taught the skills and procedures to effectively contribute to the health and well being of veterinary patients. Veterinary Technicians, while working under the supervision of a veterinarian, provide many services. Routine duties include restraint of animals, sample collection, nursing care, feeding of animals, record keeping, office procedures, and client education and communication. Other skills include:

  • Administration of anesthesia
  • Surgical assisting and prepping
  • Radiographic procedures
  • Dental prophylaxis
  • Clinical pathology procedures
  • Medication preparation

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Gainful Employment Statement

Veterinary Technician

The Veterinary Technician Associate Degree program is offered as a program leading to Gainful Employment. As such we want all potential students to be able to make a reasoned decision on enrolling in this program at Rockford Career College. To that extent we offer the following information:



Veterinary Technician Career Opportunities

All Rockford Career College Advanced Degree Programs can lead to the potential career opportunities with the students’ respective field of study. Our graduate students gain the knowledge to advance in their career choices. An entry-level position as a Veterinary Technician (SOC: 29-2056.00) is available from Rockford Career College.

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Program Length: This program requires 111 quarter credits. A full-time student can complete the program in 9 quarters (27 months) if they maintain full-time status, do not take any quarters off, successfully pass each course the first time, and do not need any pre- curriculum classes. Animals used at RCC are on an exchange program with local shelters and rescues so they may receive their veterinary care for free. Download our "Reporting Animal Care and Use Concerns" pdf below for more information.

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