Pamela Dummer: Go Ahead; Teller I.T. Can't Be Done!

Watch Pam's Inspiring Story Now

At Rockford Career College, we are dedicated to helping our students become happy, successful alumni. Our primary goal is to prepare our students to move into careers they will love, and in which they will succeed and be fulfilled.

We have a powerful history of doing just that right here in Rockford, Illinois, since 1862. Along the way, a lot of lives have been changed for the better and a lot of interesting stories have been created. Two very good examples are the stories of Pamela Dummer and Ray Matlock.

Pamela and Ray are very different people from different backgrounds, with different talents. But, they each found something special at Rockford Career College: an effective way to put their lives on fast forward.

At Rockford Career College, we are very proud to have played roles in Pamela's and Ray's inspiring success stories. We invite you to come write a story of your own in our caring, nurturing environment in which all students are treated like family. Our career-focused, small class environment and skilled instructors might be just what you need to take your life off pause and "fast forward" into a better future.