Teresa Giambeluca

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Teresa Giambeluca: She Made Her Passion Her Career at Rockford Career College.

Teresa always had a passion for animals. All kinds of animals. And, at Rockford Career College, she learned how to make a living helping the living creatures she loves.

Our primary goal is to prepare students to move into careers they will love, and in which they will be successful. Teresa is an excellent example of a RCC student who has done just that. She is one of many graduates of our AVMA-accredited Veterinary Technician program who has moved on to do exactly what she was trained to do at RCC.

We are very proud to have played a role in Teresa's inspiring success story and encourage you to find your own voice at RCC. No matter what your passion, chances are we have a career-focused curriculum that's tailor-made to help you take your life off pause and "fast forward" into a better, more fulfilling future.