Kittikarn Mejudhon: A Man On A Mission to The Hall of Fame

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Karn was born in Bangkok, Thailand, but he and his mother agreed that his future was in the United States.

At just 19, Karn learned of Rockford Career College in a magazine advertisement. He bravely left his homeland and set out on the journey of a lifetime. It was a journey that would be celebrated in 2010 when Karn was inducted into the Career College Hall of Fame in a ceremony at which former President of the United States Bill Clinton gave the keynote address.

We are very proud of Karn's accomplishments. And, it's our daily mission to help each of our students prepare for rewarding careers ranging from business administration to information technology to medical services and many others. Visit our admissions page to begin your journey of a lifetime. You might find that RCC is the place for you to take your life off pause and hit fast forward to a better, more fulfilling future.