Transfer of Credit from Other Colleges Into Rockford Career College

Rockford Career College accepts transfer of credit from accredited colleges that have accreditation approval and are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Colleges that have national accreditation, regional accreditation or specialized accreditation with course standards equal to those of Rockford Career College will be given consideration for transfer.

Students interested in transfer of credit must submit an official transcript and, under some conditions, a statement of academic and attendance policy from the previous institution.

Rockford Career College reserves the right to request that a student who has successfully completed a course at another institution take a proficiency examination to confirm that the student has remained proficient in that material or skill area and that the level of proficiency meets the standards of Rockford Career College.

To receive transfer credit, Rockford Career College must have an official transcript sent from the transfer institution. Course descriptions from the catalog of the institution may also be required to make appropriate evaluations.

Only courses completed with a 2.0 “C” grade or higher will be considered for transfer. In addition, the credit value of the course must also be equivalent with Rockford Career College’s credit value for a course.

A student may not transfer more then 50% of total credits required in a program or 50% of technical program course credits toward graduation from Rockford Career College.

The Dean of Academics will review the request for transfer credits and may grant or deny credit based on credit hours, grades, age of the course taken and course content.

After determining which courses will be accepted for credit transfer, the standard program length and maximum time frame will be adjusted to reflect the accepted transfer credits. Grades and credits attempted will not be affected since they are not included in the calculation of the students CGPA.